Transitions at LifeWorks

Transitions@LifeWorks provides support to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (formerly Asperger’s Syndrome) and Nonverbal Learning Disorder. Transitions is designed to give individuals support and advocacy as well as academic, vocational, community, personal, and family support provided through individual, group, and family sessions.

Self-reliance is paramount to clients’ long term success. Transitions@LifeWorks helps individuals discover and appreciate their individual strengths, limitations, and talents to realize their full potential.

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While many people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (AS) have Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD), not all do. Likewise, many people with NLD do not have AS. While these disorders are separate, they both involve similar differences in processing information and those affected may benefit from the same types of treatment.

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Transitions provides assistance in:
• Case Management
• Advocacy
• Social Skill Building and Activities
• Independent Living Skills
• Academic Tutoring and Consultation
• Occupational and Career Goal Setting and Readiness Skills
• Group and Individual Counseling
• Family Support Services

Contact Us  For an application to Transitions@LifeWorks, please contact Program Director Linda Walsh, LMFT, at or 707-568-2300 x 106.