Similarities Between AS & NLD

The overlap between NLD and AS is significant and many fall into a category that is somewhere on the spectrum between NLD and AS.

Individuals may:
• struggle in reading subtle social cues and have trouble fitting in with their peers
• understand the content of the words but often miss the emotional implications language can have
• use language to tell others things or speak in a monologue instead
• usually talk at people, not with them
• not easily comprehend metaphor, analogy, nuance, sarcasm, and humor
• experience sensitivity to sound, touch, and visual stimuli

They may have:
• highly developed vocabulary but have difficulty using language to interact
• trouble monitoring their speech prosody (tone, volume and the speed of their delivery)
• difficulties with executive functioning (planning, organizing, and integration of thinking)
• Dysgraphia (difficulty producing written words)
• problems taking action and following through with problem solving
• trouble understanding cause and effect and therefore cannot predict consequences