School-Based Counseling

LifeWorks serves students whose significant behavioral and/or emotional challenges adversely affect educational progress and make continued participation in the general educational setting or special classroom setting extremely difficult. LifeWorks School-Based Counseling Programs are offered through Sonoma County Schools. Counseling Programs are integrated with the student’s daily education program and include:

Student Counseling
• Individual counseling
• Community meetings
• Focus groups
• Transitions
• Crisis management

Family Counseling
• Family sessions
• In-home visits

Support Services
• School support/consultations
• Program evaluation
• Psychological assessment
• Psychiatric intervention

The Counseling Program
Designed as a full day, multi-tiered service that complements the student’s educational program. Each student is offered a sphere of counseling services that may include individual and group sessions, family therapy, as well as supplemental assignments that feature art, music, drama, substance abuse education, or stress and anger management. Psychological assessments and psychiatric medication evaluations are available as needed and approved.


In-Home Behavior Support Services
• Behavioral assessments
• Behavior plans
• In-home support

When appropriate, students and their families will receive behavioral assessment and interventions that will promote the development of healthy behavior both at home and school. A behavior specialist works together with families and education staff to design and facilitate each student’s set of behavioral objectives and assist in implementation of programs.

LifeWorks is a SELPA approved Non-Public Agency and we employ licensed mental health professionals to come to your school to work with your students in need of counseling services by providing individual, group, milieu, and family counseling. The therapists specialize in providing comprehensive mental health interventions to special education classrooms, to individual students who have distinctive and more challenging needs, and to students in regular education classrooms who are having difficulties being successful because of behavioral and emotional challenges. Each of our counselors also acts as a consultant to the Individual Education Program Team and to the educational staff.

Contact Us  For information about participating in School-Based Counseling, please contact Program Director Michele McEntee, LMFT, at or (707) 568-2300 x 106.