LifeWorks Behavioral Services

LifeWorks Behavioral Services is a comprehensive behavior management program for children and families who exhibit severe on-going emotional or behavioral challenges. LifeWorks Behavioral Services are delivered in home, school, or community environments at a frequent rate to ensure behavior change.

“I didn’t know I could be so good, I thought I could only be bad… now I have the power to be good!” -LBS Client

Trained behavior coaches provide one to one instruction in positive behavior management programs to children, parents, and professionals. The behavior specialist and behavior coaches act as teachers, role models, and confidants to the child and family. LifeWorks psychologists, licensed therapists, and psychiatrists provide consultation and collaboration with LBS staff in order to give families more comprehensive service.

“It’s like having SUPER NANNY right here in Sonoma County!” -LBS Parent

• Delivered in home, school, or community
• Realistic and positive behavior intervention programs taught as the behaviors occur in the environments in which they occur.
• In-home behavior coaching
• Parent, individual, and professional group consultation and training

• Analysis of underlying causes and function of the behaviors
• Individual and family sessions

• Interventions made easy
• Behavior specialist consultations
• Behavioral one-to-one coaches
• Behavioral analysis assessments

Parents and Families Learn Behavioral Strategies
• Behavioral language skills
• Positive reinforcement systems
• Structure, consistency, and rules
• Tracking and monitoring behaviors
• Maintaining effective parenting skills

Eliminate Violent Behavior
• Harm to self, others, property

Reduce Inappropriate Behavior
• Tantrums
• Non-compliance
• Rude or obscene language, actions

Increase Appropriate Behavior
• Immediate pleasant compliance
• Polite, kind language
• Increased school attendance, grades

Contact Us  For information about participating in LifeWorks Behavioral Services, please contact Program Director Valerie Pacheco at or (707) 568-2300 x 213.