El Puente (The Bridge)

LifeWorks El Puente Program builds a bridge between at-risk and gang-affiliated youth and their family and the community. El Puente provides bilingual services to help youth to develop self-esteem by teaching them personal and interpersonal skills and cultivating their sense of family and community. El Puente assists youth in developing lifelong relationships with their family, their school, and the community—relationships that will help them discover their own unique value.

We offer services for:
• Schools – El Puente offers an ongoing support group at selected schools for students. The group covers anger management, conflict resolution, education support and positive choice making. We provide gang intervention to Spanish and English speaking youth.
• Parents – We offer the parents of at-risk and gang-affiliated youth the tools for change and help provide enduring positive adult relationships that enable the youth to acquire developmental assets, internalize interpersonal skills, and begin becoming an important part of our society.
• Families – We provide intensive counseling services to at-risk and gang-affiliated children, adolescents, and their families for the purpose of early intervention and prevention. These services are provided in the home or at the LifeWorks site.

Contact Us For information about participating in El Puente, please contact:

Program Coordinator Marbell Alvarez at alvarezm@lifeworkssc.org or (707) 568-2300 x 110.

LifeWorks El Puente Program is proud to be a part of the Upstream Investments portfolio.

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