Who We Are

LifeWorks Can Help

Too often, families in our community face crises, individuals struggle with substance abuse, youth are tempted by gangs and lives are touched by violence. Sonoma County is a vibrant and thriving community in part because so many people and organizations are ready, willing, and able to respond. LifeWorks is one of those organizations.

Meet the LifeWorks Team

The LifeWorks staff helps individuals and families make healthy choices and transitions in order to realize positive life experiences. Call us. We will assist you in finding the help you need.


Executive Director 

Lena Alhusseini (707) 568-2300 x108, lalhusseini@lifeworkssc.org

Clinical Director

Michelle Fountain, LCSW (707) 568-2300 x105, mfountain@lifeworkssc.org

Administration/ Data Processing

Emily Ahrens, (707) 568-2300 x100, eahrens@lifeworkssc.org


Program Contacts:

Choices for Change

Marbell Alvarez, (707) 568-2300 x 210, alvarezm@lifeworkssc.org

School-Based Counseling

Michelle Fountain,LCSW (707) 568-2300 x105, mfountain@lifeworkssc.org

Counseling Center

Michelle Fountain, LCSW, (707) 568-2300 x105, mmcentee@lifeworkssc.org

LifeWorks Behavioral Services

Valerie Pacheco, (707) 568-2300 x213, vpacheco@lifeworkssc.org

Transitions @ LifeWorks

Michelle Fountain, LCSW, (707) 568-2300 x105, mfountain@lifeworkssc.org

El Puente (The Bridge)

Marbell Alvarez (707) 568-2300 x 210, alvarezm@lifeworkssc.org


Jennifer Adams (Secretary), A proud resident of Cotati with a background in marketing for skilled nursing who is dedicated to the well-being of our youth and seniors in Sonoma County.

Beverly O’Donnell, MA (President), retired School Educator with expertise in special events

Ellen Mundell, MA (Member), former School Counselor with educational expertise and counseling experience.

Emily Harrington (Member), a Sonoma County native with a  successful business development career in both the education and financial services industries.

Orlando Macias (Vice-President), Current City of Santa Rosa Police Officer with a lifelong commitment to youth and families in the North Bay.

Arnold Rosenfield (Member), retired Sonoma County Superior Court Judge who worked to develop programs and protocols to aid families and children at risk in the justice system.

Kent Seegmiller (Treasurer), former educator and businessman with an extensive background working with non-profits and the local community.

Merrill Vargo (Member) experienced nonprofit leader, with an extensive background in fundraising, public relations and nonprofit organizational strategy.

Cathy Wieschendorff, MS (Member), School Psychologist with academic and psychological experience as well as extensive community involvement.

Advisory Board Members

Sheila Craig, Esq., family law attorney who provides both legal and program development consultation.

Kinna Crocker, Esq., nationally-recognized attorney with ten years in the courtroom and a strong commitment to the community.

Judith Fiermonte, LMFT, Child and Family Therapist specializing in child therapy, play therapy, and parenting.

Ernesto Olivares, Santa Rosa City Council Member dedicated to public safety, gang prevention and working to find solutions for economic recovery.

Beth Ryan, banking officer with a strong belief in the emotional development and mental health of our community.

Gloria Soria, Spanish Translator and advocate for the underserved population of Sonoma County with a background in the legal system.